Carolina Adventist Academy

Whiteville | NC
Homework/Assignments for Grades 5 - 8
Homework/Assignments for Grades 5 - 8
Week of March 8 - 12, 2010


  • Journal: Psalms 51:7, 10-12 contains a beautiful poem written by David tht tells of his continual struggle with anger and sin.
  • Write  poem or a song that is a prayer from your heart, asking God to change you to be more like Him. 
  • Page 71: Dig a Little Deeper #1 - Annie Smith used her talents to spread the Good News of Salvation.  Read Matthew 10:2-4.  These are the people Jesus chose to spread the good news of salvation while He lived on earth.  Choose two of the disciples and tell about the talents they used o tell others about the good news.

  • Suppose you were in the upper room on the Day of Pentecost.  Write about your experience.
  • Read Acts 2:9 -11. Compile  list of nationalities and places from where the believers living in Jerusalem had originally come.
  • Read Testimonies to Ministers (copies given). Explain the literal meaning of the Former and Latter Rain.
  • Compare and Contrast the early and latter rain.

  • This week we will review personification and explore metaphors and similes.

  • Context clues
  • Complete book "Gifted Hands" -
  • Discuss the life skills you learned in this book. 

Social Studies Due Friday 3/19/10
  • Learn the checks and balances within the Federal Government
  • Learn how a Bill becomes a Law
  • Complete handout sheets

Saturday, March 12 - Church School Rally Day
  • Wear formal uniform
  • Lunch provided
  • Cost $10
  • Bring snacks and money for return trip rest stop.

Tuesday - In-School trip - $5